I made this one of myself using the picmonkey tutorial:)

It looks awesome :D

Ian Somerhalder

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tropicalmustard and Osric Chau

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Reminder: We are currently not accepting requests.

This includes both the ask and submit boxes.

Tati is a rockstar and is estimating 50 requests in the queue in about a week. Once we get through all the requests (which is about 100) then we will reopen the boxes and start accepting requests again but not until that time.

Thank you guys for being so understanding and sticking with us while we sort things out.

If you have a questions about edits or something that is not a request you can message me in my personal ask box:


I made an Angel Eyes Tutorial. I referenced this picture of Castiel for the edit. I hope you guys like it!

Angel Eyes Tutorial: http://fav.me/d7xm4dr

Fang ideas for vampire edits.

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Jensen Ackles

62,000 notes, holy smokes!


Could you edit Sebastian Stan and Natalie Dormer/have you? (I looked for them, but didn’t find).


Can I request Santiago Cabrera (Muskateers, Merlin, etc.)? Demon or Wolf eyes, pic or gif, Anything really :-)

Dane Dehaan - Black Demon Eyes


Michelle Trachtenberg with wolf eyes please :)

Noel Fisher werewolf gifsĀ that the new admin Tati made for her oc


Billie Piper?

gueen-of-hell asked:
What app/apps do you use

I use Photoshop CS6, but I believe some of the other mods use either CS5 or CS4. I’m not sure XD

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