First official poster of American Horror Story: Freak Show

Wed Oct 8 on FX


Jensen Ackles

62,000 notes, holy smokes!

Ask box closed until requests filled

We decided to keep the requests we have but we’re closing the ask box until the requests are finished. Our new member Tati is blazing through edits so it shouldn’t be closed for too long. We’ll update again when the ask box is reopened.

If you have a questions about edits or something that is not a request you can message me in my personal ask box:


Could you edit Sebastian Stan and Natalie Dormer/have you? (I looked for them, but didn’t find).


Can I request Santiago Cabrera (Muskateers, Merlin, etc.)? Demon or Wolf eyes, pic or gif, Anything really :-)

Dane Dehaan - Black Demon Eyes


Michelle Trachtenberg with wolf eyes please :)

Noel Fisher werewolf gifs that the new admin Tati made for her oc


Billie Piper?

gueen-of-hell asked:
What app/apps do you use

I use Photoshop CS6, but I believe some of the other mods use either CS5 or CS4. I’m not sure XD


Hello love! Could I please get a Hayden Panettiere edit?


Matthew Gray Gubler with werewolf,eyes please <3


Red werewolf eyes and orange werewolf eyes for Tatiana Maslany please?


Red werewolf eyes and orange werewolf eyes for Tatiana Maslany please?


Steven Strait werewolf eyes gif (preferably one from his movie The Covenant)

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